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Design and make furniture of your choice. Incorporate your own ideas to make your furniture unique to yourself.

Perhaps you have seen a furniture item on Pinterest that you absolutely loved but couldn't find it anywhere to buy. Or the ready-made furniture store is not able to customise for your specific requirement - dimensions, choice of wood etc.

Don't worry! you can can build it yourself!

This program provides for complete customization to suit your need. You can customize everything – design, dimensions, choice of wood, hardware to be used as well as the final finish - colour and top-coat options.

During this course, you and I will work together at every step of the process - I will provide every bit of guidance to help you make decisions. You will be using my studio equipment to make your item, while learning various wood working techniques and practices.You will use essential measuring instruments, hand tools and machinery.

At the end of the course you would have built an item that you worked from scratch - from design to finish.

I guarantee that you will beam with pride whenever you see the item in your home

What will I learn?

Theory of wood:
Basic theory of wood, types and species available, identification of wood, different types of processed wood such as plywood, block board etc, and what to look for when buying these

Design & form:
Clarify your thought process about how the item you want to make will be used and so, what design elements to incorporate - joinery, type of wood, type of finish etc. You will also learn to think in 3D and sketch some essential perspective drawing to give a 2D shape to your design

Wood Shopping
Once the design and form are finalised, you will choose the type of materials you want to build with - plywood, solid wood, hardware etc. You will accompany me on a shopping day to the timber yard and plywood depot to learn how to buy quality materials. You will learn how to choose rough-sawn timber and participate in deciding how to cut them according to the sizes required for your furniture.

Techniques you will learn:
Measuring, how to layout cuts for optimum material usage, dimensioning - hand and machine sawing, planing of solid wood, different types of joinery, sanding, applying different types of finish such as staining, PU or oil

Power tools you will use:
Table saw, mitre saw, jig saw, planer, bench router, hand-held router, cordless drill and drivers, pneumatic nail gun, random orbit sander, finish sander, and many shop-made machines and jigs as necessary for the project

Hand tools you will use:
Saw, jack plane, block plane, rasps, screw drivers, sanding blocks, chisels, mallet, various measuring instruments

Check the glossary to understand each of the above terms in great detail

Choose an item to build

Every item you build gives you the confidence to build the next one

You can choose from any item from the Furniture Maker program or send me a picture of what you would like to build. We will have an initial conversation about the complexity and number of sessions required to complete. That should give you an idea of the budgetary estimate. This meeting is best done in-person in my studio, after a preliminary phone conversation upon receiving the pictures from you.

Duration: dependent on the item chosen (budgetary estimate: 6-8 sessions)
Cost: ₹ 3000 per session + cost of wood, finishing material (PU / oil / stains etc) at actuals
Each session is for 4 hours
Weekdays -  9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Weekends -  9:30 am to 1:30 pm / 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The satisfaction of building something by yourself is unparalleled

Get started on an amazingly satisfying experience that you will cherish

Limited to 2 participants to give individual attention



Fantastic experience!

I had a great time making my own desk. In addition, I got involved in the design process as well, right from sketching on paper all the way to the final product.


My first time with power tools

It was super fun working with power tools all by myself. I also got to tweak the design to my liking and needs.


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