Working with ones own hands is such a rewarding experience. The most popular crafts that come to mind are cooking and gardening. I would like to introduce woodworking / carpentry to the list, by offering courses that teach you to make something in wood.

It will be a satisfying and rewarding experience that you will cherish



First Cut - Experience Woodworking

This course is designed for those who have limited time and want to experience making something with wood for the first time.

Choose from a catalogue of items that you can build in 1 session to experience a broad range of woodworking techniques, hand tools, machines and applying finishes.

You will take home a completed item that you built yourself!

Furniture Making

Build home decor and furniture items by yourself in a well-equipped studio with modern machines and hand tools.

Choose from a catalogue of items that you can build based on your time availability and skill level. You will progress to taking on higher complexity items steadily as you complete each item.

The course duration will be between 2 to 4 sessions depending on the item chosen.

Young Hands - Woodworking for Children

Kids amaze us with what they can do if given an opportunity - don't they?

Explore courses to get kids interested in the art of woodworking. The focus will be on learning to use tools safely and properly, while making items by themselves, under supervision.

Learnings include applied math, creative design, problem-solving, craftsmanship and overall dexterity.

Woodworking skills

Learn essential carpentry skills with focus on using hand tools such as jack plane, saws, chisels etc.

You can either learn a specific hand-tool in-depth or choose a comprehensive course to learn a combination of tools while making a furniture item using solid wood.

Duration of courses are a minimum of 2 sessions, extending upto 6-8 sessions. One-to-One sessions also available.

Each session is for 4 hours - 9:30 am to 1:30 pm | 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Pre-registration is required to book your slot.
Courses are conducted on weekdays (mornings only), weekends and some holidays. The studio is closed on Mondays.

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